The company

          'YIBU' is the contemporary dance company founded in 2019 by the choreographer couple Chun Zhang and Kai Strathmann. The members are alumnus of Folkwang University of Arts, Institution of Contemporary Dance. THE TEAM

          'Yi Bu' means in Chinese 'one step' and “ YiBu, YiBu” means “step by step”, stands for our ethic and aesthetic: profound, presence and steady.

          The movements of human beings and the internal experience of being a human are our endless resource. We move and create to touch life and lives:

--The movements and the human being define and develop each other at the same time.

--The more lively the human being is, the more independent is the movement art from `Performance`.

--The more independent the art of movement is, the more independent is the choreography art from `interpretation`.

--The more independent the art of choreography is, the more can the dance art change people and life.

Base in NRW, Germany and tour all over the world through mainstream arts festivals and arts schools.


modern, profound, refined dance productions for big stages


the `triangle movement system` is an innovative hybrid of Tai Chi principles, Space Harmony from Rudolf von Laban, and Popping techiqnue.  


bring our core values to unconventional places such as art museum, hospice and so on.


The Epiphanies are our dance production series under the guide of the chinese Bible I Ching. Instead of just use the randomness, like John Cage and Merce Cunningham already did, Chun Zhang will use the text of her mother language and the philosophy of her roots from the book as choreographical notation and inspiration of creation.

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Cubic Studios, Düsseldorf

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In der Rahmen Nacht der Museum 


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