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AI wakes up at night, goes to bed in the morning. Be careful not to be seen by anyone!

AI collects light that has been wasted. AI send it to other beings who need it. One day he found some light in his own body...

Choreography/Dance/Musik: Kai Starthmann

Costume/Light Design: Chun Zhang

20 Minutes


Suddenly, it snows so heavily! Chu has to move fast and save all her creations! At the end, she goes back to earth with all of them.

Chu(True) is a new born creating goddness. The whole spring and summer, she learns how to create. In the autumn, all what she created finally have life.

Choreography/Dance/Costume/Make Up: Chun Zhang

Light Design: Kai Strathmann

25-30 minutes

Premier:15.11.2019 20h

Cubic Studios

Elisabethstraße 84, 40217 Düsseldorf

Further Dates:

16.11.2019 17h/20h

Cubic Studios

Elisabethstraße 84, 40217 Düsseldorf

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Cubic Studios, Düsseldorf

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