YIBU System

`Our daily practice starts with meditation and yoga, to clear up the blockages in the body-mind and open up the heart.

It follows up with Thouroughness, further clearing up any developmental lackage and building up new connections, supporting the overall expression and function of the body.

Popping technique is given by Kai, who brings new coordination and muscle control to the body. 

And then the practice of the triangle system leads to the creation.


Thoroughness is a technique of the six basic development stages of human being and Pilates principles. The none stop ritual is a combination of exercises covering four levels: lying, siting, standing and traveling. 

Physically challenging, tackling the lackage in each one's early human develop patterns even to the time in the womb, then build deep muscle coordination and strength on top of it.


The `triangle movement system` is an innovative hybrid of Tai Chi principles, Space Harmony from Rudolf von Laban, and Popping techiqnue.

The system derives from the simple three signal points on the verticcal plane, sagittal plane and the horizontal plane, in their eight corners. They can be reached and connected by pointing or circulating. Since it´s the most efficient way the body moves, it covers almost all the range of movement expressions and functions.

It has almost 800 movement vocabulary and ten categories of possible variations. For the creation, according to the theme, eight movements in a certain category will be randomly pulled out, to become the ´basic phrase´. The basic phrase is being practiced in super slow motion in its original form, then the variation of it leads to a choreography.

Chun Zhang has developed an Notation for the system.

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